St. Mungo's Chapel

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Low Causeway
KY12 8HJ

Also known as:

  • St. Kentigern's Chapel



Situated on the roadside 0.5km from the centre of Culross are the remains of St. Mungo's chapel. The chapel was built in 1503 and marks the site traditionally associated with the birth place of St. Mungo. It is therefore possible that it was built on the foundations of an earlier church. The two chambered chapel, which sits slightly lower than the level of the road, is roofless and in a ruinous condition.

Description (exterior)

The chapel is built of rubble bound sandstone,  rectangular in plan,  and oriented east-west. The remains of an off centre doorway are visible in the remains of the western gable end.

The northern elevation, once part of the nave wall, survives to a greater height than the other faces and acts as a retaining wall for the slope above. A row of sandstone blocks runs along the base of the western half of the face; these possibly served as the base for a stone bench.

The southern face has been removed to make way for a twentieth century boundary wall, extending to approximately half the length of the chapel. It is rubble built and is capped with flat stone slabs.

Description (interior)

The floor of the interior is partially covered with stone slabs. The interior space is divided by the remains of a stone rood screen set off centre to the east.   The chancel area, to the east of the rood screen, is set slightly higher than the nave.   There is an additional raised platform in the apse on which there is a reconstructed stone altar. The remains of additional altars were found built against the rood screen in excavations in 1926.

People / Organisations:

Archbishop Robert BlackadderFounder1503
National Trust for ScotlandOwnerNOW
Saint MungoDedicatee1503


  • Chapel: Build/construction (1503)
    Possibly built on earlier foundations.
  • Chapel: Excavation (1926)
    Exposed a two-chambered plan building.

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