Dyce Pictish Stones

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Dyce Old Church and graveyard
AB21 0HT


Contained within a modern wooden roofed structure in the ruins of Dyce Old Parish Church are a number of important carved Pictish stones, some of which pre-date the Picts' conversion to Christianity in the 8th century. They were found in the nearby glebe land of the church and in the graveyard. For many years they were built into the boundary wall of the church grounds before being moved into the east end of the ruined church.  

One of the most impressive stones is a large symbol stone with a cross in relief. It has interlaced decoration and there are numerous Pictish symbols around the Christian cross. Experts have dated it to the mid 9th century. It has an ogham inscription (a form of linear lettering) which is mostly unintelligible. Another stone (Class I) contains an 'elephant' symbol above a double disc and Z-rod. This stone is likely earlier and pagan, and so reflects the importance of this site, both before and during early Christian times. It is clear that worship was practised here long before the medieval church (see Dyce Old Parish Church) on the site was built. 

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