Botriphnie Old Parish Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NJ 37550 44070, map




Botriphnie Old Parish Church was built in the early 17th century but there is likely to have been an earlier structure on the site. It was replaced by a 19th century church within the same graveyard and the old church fell into ruin, before being largely demolished with some sections of walling re-used as a burial enclosure. The enclosure still stands but is now in a semi-ruinous condition. It is located in the middle of a semi-circular graveyard with the more recent church, still in use, on the north side of the graveyard. The site is close to Drummuir Castle and Botriphnie House and the land surrounding is part of estate lands with areas of designed landscape and tree plantations. 


The remains of the church, built into the rectangular mausoleum or enclosure, consist of sections of rubble wall, upto a metre thick and around 1.5-2m in height. There are gabled stone memorials of a similar height inbetween the sections of wall. It is difficult to be sure which parts of stonework belong to the church and which was built when the enclosure was erected, likely using much of the stones from the demolition of the church. There is a narrow entrance on the west side, which has a metal gate. 


  • Church built (1617)
  • Church ruinous (1794)

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