Kilmany Parish Church

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The old parish church of Kilmany, which was rebuilt in 1768, is thought to have been dedicated to St Adrian and formerly belonged to St Salvator's College St Andrews. In 1934, following the 1929 union of the Church of Scotland and the United Free Church, Kilmany was joined with the former United Free church congregation of Rathillet.  After the union the charge continued under the name of Kilmany and both churches remained in use for public worship. Kilmany was later linked in 1956 with Flisk, however this arrangement was terminated in 1971 in favour of union between Flisk, Kilmany and also Creich, under the name of Creich, Flisk and Kilmany. A further link was established between the united parish and Monimail in 1983. The kirk session sat within the Presbytery of Cupar until the restructuring of the presbyteries in 1976, when it became part of the Presbytery of St Andrews.     The church  is a simple rectangle, with a west porch and bellcote.    It is surrounded by a graveyard with stones the earliest of which date from the late eighteenth century,  and its use continued into the late twentieth century.

Of particular note in the graveyard are:   in the north-east a stone to John Kinnear (d.1792) and to the south a stone which features practice drawings by an artist on its reverse.

Description (exterior)



The church is harled and roofed with Scottish slate.   At the north east corner some of the harling has come away to reveal the rubble foundation course.   The entrance porch is on the south west corner and there is a bellcote on the gable at the west end of the roof.    The windows are framed with worked  painted stone, the mixture of round- and square-headed windows of differing sizes suggesting that not all the windows are of the same age.   Gifford suggests that the arched openings on the south wall were originally for doors, but were converted to windows in the early 19th century.    The keystone of one of these windows is inscribed with the date 1768, and there are 19th century headstones against this south wall.

Description (interior)

Entry to the church is from a porch at the south west.   There are galleries over both the east and west ends of the church.   The lower part of the interior walls is panelled, and the upper part painted in a light colour.   There are two large round headed windows on the south wall, and square headed windows on the two gable ends and the north wall, all of thich have clear glass.   All the interior furnishings are of wood, and pews, some of which are boxed, face the pulpit from all sides.   The pulpit itself is canopied, and sits against the south wall, with the communion table in front of it on a raised dais;   the table bears a dedication plaque.   A free-standing font which is a World War II memorial is to the east of the communion table.   The historically significant old baptismal bowl still occupies its original place fixed to the front of the pulpit, together with an early hourglass.    There are many memorials round the walls, and wall hangings over the gallery fronts.   Rolls of Honour and War Memorials from both Kilmany and Logie churches (which were united some time ago) feature prominently.

People / Organisations:

Church of ScotlandDenomination1786-NOW
Saint AdrianDedicatee1786Saints Day: 4th March.
Dr Thomas ChalmersClergyman1803-1815Minister ar Kilmany Parish Church.


  • Church: Build/construction (1768)
  • Graveyard: Consecration (1768)
  • Church: Addition (1800)
    Addition of lean-to porch and probably the two square headed windows in the north wall.
  • Church: Repair (1859)
    Re-seated by Jack of Rathillet and repaired to a considerable extent. Boarded ceiling dates to this time.
  • Church: Union (1934)
    Kilmany was joined with the former United Free church congregation of Rathillet.
  • Church: Union (1956 to 1971)
    Kilmany linked with Flisk.
  • Church: Union (1971)
    Union of Flisk, Creich and Kilmany.

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