Church of Jesus Chrsit of Latter Day Saints, Bingham Terrace, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 41970 31660, map


Bingham Terrace


This is a modern church, built to a striking, futuristic design by Thoms and Wilkie (date unknown but late 20th century). The main feature is the massive, slated roof, which is steep and has a large overhang above the gables. The single storey walls penetrate outwith the roofline, and have simple, geometric windows and panelling (concrete?). Part of the church extends outwith the pitched roof and has a flat roof. A narrow, tall concrete tower or spire is located at one corner and is most unusual for an ecclesiastical structure. The church is in good condition and in full ecclesiastical use.  


  • Church: Build/construction (1900)
    People: Thoms & Wilkie