Royal Palace, Dunfermline

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Dunfermline Abbey, St Catherin


The ruins of the Royal Palace of Dunfermline are located in the grounds of Dunfermline Abbey and are joined to the Abbey via a pend. It was a favoured residence of many Scottish monarchs, including Malcolm III who first built the Palace. It occupies the site of the Abbey's guest house and the remains today mostly date from around 1500, when James IV rebuilt it. After the Union of the Crowns in 1603, the Scottish Court moved to London and the Royal Palace in Dunfermline was seldom visited. Charles II was the last monarch to stay here, in 1650. It was abandoned during Cromwell's occupation of Scotland and by 1709 had been unroofed. The ruins have been consolidated and can be visited as part of Dunfermline Abbey.

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Description (exterior)

Description (interior)


  • Destruction under Edward I (1303)
  • Rebuiild by order of Robert the Bruce (c.1320)
    The building was further reconstructed as a Royal Palace c. 1400

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