Greyfriars Franciscan Friary, St Andrews

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Greyfriars Garden
St. Andrews
KY16 9UZ

Also known as:

  • Greyfriars


Greyfriars Franciscan Friary was established in St Andrews by Bishop Kennedy in 1458 and was built at the town's western limits. The church was built at the western end of Market Street, close to the medieval Market Street Port (long-since demolished). The complex included a church, a graveyard and cloistered courtyard. The church itself was a plain rectangular building, behind which were the cloisters and a well, and there were gardens and orchards surrounding the buildings. It was destroyed in 1559 during the Reformation and now only the well and some wall fragments survive in a garden of a house in Greyfriars Gardens. The site of the church is now be occupied by the Student Union building in the present St Mary's Place, which was built in the 1970s.

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Description (exterior)

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People / Organisations:

Bishop James KennedyFounder1440-1465
Franciscan FriarsDenomination14-1559
Archbishop Patrick GrahamClergymanA1465Successor to Bishop Kennedy as Bishop of St Andrews. Completed the work on Franciscan Friary started by Bishop Kennedy.


  • Friary: Build/construction ( to 1478)
  • Friary: Founded (1463 to 1465)
    Founded by Archbishop Kennedy.
  • Friary: Destruction/demolition (1559)
    Destroyed by the Reformers.

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