Kirkton Ex St Maelrubha's Chapel & BG

National Grid Reference (NGR): NM 77827 01473, map


Kirkton, Craignish
PA31 8QN


St. Maelrubha's Chapel is also known as Kilvaree and Craignish Chapel. The chapel is surrounded by an old burial ground, and there is a new burial ground across the lane.

It was possibly built about 1200 or at least 13th century.

St Maelrubbha was a monk from Bangor in Northern Ireland. He is said according to the Iriosh annuls to have planted a church at Applecross 673, two years after he came to Scotland.

The chapel would appear to have been an independent parsonage.

Description (exterior)

Construction materials: Stone - Used for walls;

The remaining walls are constructed in rubble stone. 

In general all the windows are round-headed and also the entrance.

Description (interior)

Inside the shell of the chapel are many carved and sculpted stones, exposed to the elements (the chapel has no roof). There is a sloping perspex shelter at the western end of the chapel to protect some of the more important carved stones. Researched by A. Kahane, compiled by J. Dowling, 25/8/03.

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