Newark Parish Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NS 31840 74440, map


Newark Parish Church, Glen Av


Newark Parish Church

Construction materials: Stone (rubble, bound) - Used for walls;

Built in 1774, it is the oldest remaining church in Port Glasgow sited on the axis of Balfour Street. It is an austere, symmetrical 2 storey building with 5 windows in the long walls. The church was built in rubble and to a largely Classical design and has pavilion roofs and galleries. In 1920-22 the square apse was built to be an organ chamber. It was altered and refurbished to become a chancel by Mervyn Noad of Glasgow. There was excellent woodwork and stained glass by Archibald Dawson and Charles Bailey but this was removed some time ago. A steeple for the centre of the north front was always intended but was never built. The south side features a relatively new brick extension. The church congregation was forced to unite with another in recent years, resulting in this church closing down. The interior has been stripped and the building was in a bad state of repair when last visited, with the roof in a bad state in particular. Renovation and a new use seems possible if a buyer can be found for the church. J. Dowling, 10/12/04.


Date: 1920-22


Date: 1774


  • Church: Build/construction (1774)
  • Church: Build/construction (1920 to 1922)
    People: (square Apse)
  • Church: Addition (1935 to 1938)
    People: A. Dawson & C. Bailey