Glamis Castle Chapel

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Glamis Castle


Glamis Castle chapel is located in the north-east corner of a wing, which was built between 1679-1683. There was a castle on this site in 1376, when it was granted by Robert I to John Lyon, Lord Glamis, who rebuilt the castle about then. The L-plan tower, which is the earliest part of the present building, dates from this period (early 15th century). There were strong defenses constructed in the 15th-16th century but of these now only two wall towers remain. There were also three ditches surrounding the castle, but they were filled in during the 17th century when considerable landscape changes were made.  The west wing was added in the 17th century and rebuilt in around 1800. The east wing is mainly 17th century, but incorporates much earlier walls. Residential wings, which extend to the east from the tower date mainly from the 19th century.

Description (exterior)

The chapel is known today as St Michael's and All Angels Episcopal Church, and is a private chapel to the Earl of Strathmore. It has three rectangular windows, which look out over the castle grounds. The windows have stained glass, which were restored in the 21st century. The stained glass of St Michael's and All Angels was restored by Patrick Ross-Smith in 2002. The outer wall of the chapel, part of the north-east wing, is built in sandstone.

Description (interior)

The interior of the chapel features ceiling and wall paintings by the Dutch artist Jacob de Witt. The ceiling paintings include Our Lord's Life and Apostles. The ceiling and wall panels were commissioned by Patrick, first earl of Strathmore. De Witt also made an altar piece for the chapel. The interior is open at times for the public to see, but only at certain times and with a guide. Photography is not permitted. The chapel has rows of wooden chairs facing the raised altar and chancel area. There are two doors which lead to other parts of the castle.


  • Chapel: Build/construction (1679 to 1683)

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