Ogilvie and Stobswell Parish Church, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 41130 31530, map


Albert Street


This town church is L-shaped and has a prominent position at a major road junction. It was built in 1874-6 and has sandstone walls and a slate roof.

Description (exterior)

The large nave is a relatively simple rectangular structure, with large round-arched traceried windows in the gables and shallow buttresses. Towards the apex of each gable is a round window.


Built onto the nave is a large, double-roofed structure with smaller round-arch windows and a chimney. Built onto this is an unusual entrance porch, with doors onto Dura and Albert Streets necessitating its unorthadox shape.


There is also a well-built tower or belfry, with a slated, shaped spire. It has very large belfry openings.

Description (interior)

The interior has galleries on three sides facing the pulpit and organ above. The walls and roof are pannelled with intricate woodwork. The original pews and furnishings survive. The church is in good condition and in full ecclesiastical use. It was recently fully refurbished and has disabled access and toilets.


  • Church: Build/construction (1874 to 1876)
    People: Charles Edward/t S Robertson