Logie and St John's Church, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 38660 29940, map


Blackness Avenue and Shaftesbury Place


Built in 1911-14 by Frank Thomson, this is a very large Romanesque style cruciform plan church with later halls attached. It is situated on an extensive site on the south-west corner of Blackness Avenue and Shaftsbury Place. It was constructed with rubble sandstone with dressed surrounds and has a slate roof. The brick-built hall to the rear was designed by Robbie and Wellwood and built in 1974.

This church was built to provide a place of worship for one of Dundee's oldest and most influencial congregations. The congregation used to meet in the City Churches until a fire in 1841 destroyed the building. They then moved to the Gaelic Chapel in Tay Street before moving to this church. 

J Dowling, Leona Elder, 2011

Description (interior)

The interior has a tall and wide nave and arcade. There is a Celtic theme to the furnishings, and stained glass is present, from a later date. There are some furnishings from Logie Parish Church, which was demolished when the congregations united. The nave and hall are both barrel vaulted.


  • Church: Build/construction (1911 to 1914)
    People: Frank Thomson