Dundee Methodist Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 39980 30050, map


20 West Marketgait


This modern box structure is situated on the western side of the Marketgait ring road. Although not directly attached to adjacent buildings there is little visible except for the east facing frontage. There are various objects such as signs and trees that obscure its visibility.

K. Nichols


This building is unusual in that the upper half is completely bare and composed of vertical cement panels. There is a large cross placed two-thirds along its width. The ground floor comprises two entries divided by a cement wall. The wider entrance is to the north of the two and has four sections (glass window, a two piece door, a wooden panel with the name in white letters and a glass window. All have rectangular windows above). The narrower entrance has a wooden panel for two-thirds of its width and a glass door. Both of these entrances are set slightly back within the cement frame. All other facades are plain and unbroken. However, the rear roofline has a slope that is not visible from other angles. There is also an entry door at the north side of this wall. K. Nichols