Carmelite Convent, Falkirk

National Grid Reference (NGR): NS 88090 74980, map


Arnothill, 3, Falkirk, Falkirk


Carmelite Convent, Falkirk

This Carmelite nunnery was founded at 3 Arnothill in a house built in 1855 by Rev. Lewis Hay Irving of the Free Church of Scotland. It was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, and opened in 1931. An extension was carried out in 1934, and 1955 saw a further extension and the chapter room was built. Poultry, bee-keeping and goats provided food for the occupants up to the 1970s. Researched by J. Miller, compiled by J. Dowling, 11/11/03.


  • Nunnery/convent: Founded (1931)