HMS Cochrane Chapel, Rosyth

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 09970 82180, map


Castle Road, Ferrytoll Road
RN Dockyard, Rosyth

Also known as:

  • Chapel of St Andrew
  • St Andrew's Church
  • HM Dockyard


HMS Cochrane was a large shore establishment of the Royal Navy, which was commissioned in 1938. It was named after Admiral Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald. It was used extensively during World War 2, where it was expanded and defended. There were a number of buildings and facilities, along with several dry docks and yards. Included in these buildings was a chapel, named after Saint Andrew, which served the many workers and sailors stationed there. As the base expanded in the years after the War and in the 1960s, two purpose built churches were built outwith the base, in Rosyth, to cater for the expanding workforce and navy personel.

The HMS Cochrane base went into decline in the late 20th century and was eventually closed in 1996, which was also when St Michael's Chapel closed. It is not clear if and when the chapel building was demolished, but this seems likely. Many of the other buildings are boarded up and some demolished to make way for general storage and railway engineering works. There are plans to redevelop the site, possibly for modern industry and some housing.

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