Aberdour Free Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 18800 85100, map


High Street

Also known as:

  • Aberdour United Free Church (1900)
    Marked as United Free Church on 1921 OS map.


A Free Church was built in Aberdour during the Disruption of the mid 19th century, when the Established Church was split and the Free Church was formed. The church in Aberdour was built in around 1845, near to the then parish church (which is now a hall). It later became a United Free Church and was eventually closed when most of the members rejoined the Church of Scotland. The church was subsequently demolished, likely in the 1950s. No other information is currently available.

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Description (exterior)

Description (interior)

People / Organisations:

United Free ChurchDenomination1900-1966BNot present on 1966 6inch to the mile O.S map.
Free ChurchDenomination1845-1900


  • Church: Build/construction (1843-1856)
    Marked on the 1st edition O.S map.
  • Church: Destruction/demolition (1943-1966)
    Marked on the 1943 O.S map but not the 1966 6 inch to the mile edition.

Archive References:

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