St Mary's Church, Old Kinnernie, Midmar

National Grid Reference (NGR): NJ 72530 09570, map


Old Kinnernie, Midmar
AB32 7EA

Also known as:

  • Midmar Old Church
  • Old Kinnernie Church
  • Church of Kinerny


The ruined church of Old Kinnernie, known as St Mary's, stands in open countryside a short distance north-west of Echt. There are a number of farm cottages around the church graveyard and this collection of buildings is called Old Kinnernie. The church ruins are aligned east-west and surrounded by a small graveyard. 

The church was dedicated to St Mary and granted to the Abbey of Arbroath by Thomas de Lundyn in the early 13th century. The church was confirmed by Pope Alexander III in 1257. The parish of Kinairnie was united with Midmar in 1740, leading to the demolition of Kinairnie Church. The bell from the church, dated 1642, was transferred to Midmar Parish Church in 1788. 


All that remains of the church today are the foundation courses of masonry, upto around 0.5m in height. These show that the church was rubble built using mostly granite stone and was rectangular on plan. There is an entrance in the north wall today, although it is not clear if this was the original entrance to the church or a later removal of stonework. There are two stone and metal mort safes rer-positioned along the west gable remains. 


There are numerous gravestones aligned east-west around the church ruins, the oldest of which appear to be closest to the church and to the south. There is a boundary wall around the graveyard and a walled driveway up to the entrance gate at the west end of the site. 

People / Organisations:

Thomas de LundenGranted church to Arbroath Abbey1204-1211
Pope Alexander IIIConfirmed the church1257


  • Church abandoned (1740)
  • Church founded (c1200)

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