Salvation Army, Marketgait, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 39950 30140, map


137 Marketgait


This modern building faces onto a busy junction of a busy inner ring road at the western edge of the city centre. Its main entrance is on the west side. K. Nichols 01/09


This rectangular construction has several components to the west-facing principal elevation but has plain brick on all other faces. There is an extension of modern domestic style at the east elevation. These sections are harled. A car port is at the lower level of the north elevation.

The principal elevation is almost equally divided in half but there are several overlaps so the image is not symmetrical. Brick is used for the upper half of the north section and the lower third of the southern section. The upper portion of the south section is 17 vertically rectangular windows that have cement partitions. This area is one large hall. The floor below this is divided into smaller spaces. The window overhangs give an arcaded look, are round arched and made of cement. The entrance door is under the first overhang. The northern section has 5 square windows at the upper level. The lower level looks as if it was designed for 4 round arched vertical windows but the section of large cement blocks covers this up. The 4th window in this section appears only half size because it is divided by the doorway canopy.

A stone plaque proclaims "To the glory of God this stone was laid by the Lord Provost of Dundee, Alex McKenzie, OBE, J.P. on July 8th 1967."
K. Nichols 01/09.


  • Meeting hall: Build/construction (1967)