Church of Christ

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Blair Avenue


This modern town church was designed by architect W. Stevenson and opened in 1976. It was extended significantly three years later to provide classrooms and a Fellowship Hall. It is located in a residential area with several surrounding housing estates and a large primary school and community hall nearby. The church has a tarmac carpark to the front and garden grounds that surround the complex.

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Description (exterior)

The Church of Christ in Kinglassie is a fairly large complex, comprising the main church buiding and the large extension attached to the east. They are modern structures with harled walls and concrete tile roofs. The original church building is aligned north-south and consists of the main worship space and a flat-roofed entrance porch at the north end. The porch has a wide rectangular doorway with a slight wooden overhang from the flat roof above. There are small rectangular windows in the north face and tall windows in the west and east sides that reach the wallhead. The porch is faced with pink granite blocks. The church building has windows at wallhead level (similar to a modern version of a clerestory) in the side elevations and a tall, slender spire on top of the north gable.

The slightly later extension is attached by a small flat-roofed annex on the east side, close to the porch. The main extension is a large hall complex with additional meeting rooms and a classroom. It has similar dimensions as the original church building and is built in the same materials, so the whole complex appears to be contemporary. There are five rectangular windows at wallhead level on the side elevations, similar to those of the church. 

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Description (interior)

It has not yet been possible to record the interior of the church.

People / Organisations:

Church of ChristDenomination1976-NOW
Mr W StevensonArchitect1975-1976Mentioned in Gifford p 234 as the architect for the Church of Christ in Glenrothes, site no: 7778.


  • Church: Build/construction (1975 to 1976)
  • Church: Addition (1979)
    An extension doubled the size of the original building in order to house classrooms and a Fellowship Hall. Total cost: £64,000.

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