Strathkinness Parish Church

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Strathkinness Parish Church
Church Road, Strathkinness, Fife. KY16 9SW
KY16 9SW


Strathkinness Parish Church was built in 1864  on the western edge of an area of common land in the centre of the village (this common land has recently had new housing built on it). The former Free Church, on Main Street, is visible to the southeast. The church is a large rectangular building with a galleried interior, surrounded by a gravel yard and car park and a low coped wall. It is built along Church Road, close to the village primary school. An adjacent hall was built in 1995. There is no burial ground.

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Description (exterior)

The church is built in a late Georgian style and has snecked sandstone walls and a Scottish slate roof. The west gable forms the principal elevation and has the main entry into the church. There are round-arched windows at ground floor and gallery level, each with simple Y-tracery. To the centre is a recessed round-arched doorway with a small date panel above. Surmounting the apex of the gable is a tall birdcage bellcote with a large round-arch opening in which hangs the bell. It is topped by a metal weather vane.

The north and south side elevations each have three large round-arched windows that reach the wallhead. They have simple timber tracery and stained glass glazing. A small chimney on the wallhead at the north-west corner of the church suggests a boiler house is or was situated here. The east gable has two round-arch windows of an equal size to those in the side elevations. They have leaded stained glass but no tracery. On top of the gable is a small stone cross finial.

The modern hall is built alongside the church to the south. It is a single-storey structure with a hipped or pyramidal slated roof. It has small rectangular windows and pebble-dashed walls.

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Description (interior)

The interior is very simple, but well cared for, with a small gallery at the liturgical west end. The stained glass windows give the interior a warm, golden quality. The sanctuary is at the east end, framed by the two stained glass windows in the gable. The nave has simple wooden pews (thought to be original) with two passageways leading to the east of the church and the sanctuary. The west gallery has a simple wooden panel front and is supported on slender cast-iron columns. It is reached by a corner stair in the north-west corner, which leads up from the vestibule at the west end.

The sanctuary at the east end of the church is raised from the nave by two steps. There is a small communion table in the centre and a hexagonal pulpit in the north-east corner. The elders' chairs are lined along the wall and there is also wooden panelling on the walls in the sanctuary area. To the south is a small modern organ and booth, which has necessitated the removal of the front two pews from here.

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  • Church: Build/construction (1863 to 1864)

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