Holy Trinity Church, Spynie

National Grid Reference (NGR): NJ 22840 65480, map


Spynie House


A medieval church stood here until it was replaced by a new church at New Spynie in the 1730s. It was located within a graveyard, which is now alongside Spynie House and surrounded by the former designed landscape of the house. The graveyard survives and may still be in occasional use. A grass-covered mound in the graveyard shows where the church stood. 

It has been suggested that the Church of the Holy Trinity was made a cathedral church in 1207. After the church was replaced by a new building at New Spynie, it gradually fell into ruins. It is written that the surviving gothic east gable collapsed in around 1850. Excavations carried out in the 1920s suggest that the church was a small building, built of clay apart from the east gable, which survived for much longer after the rest had collapsed. 

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