Dalgety Parish Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NT 15520 83640, map


Regent's Way
Dalgety Bay


This church was constructed to replace the former parish church of Dalgety Bay (site  2229), which was becoming too small for the growing town which was expanding away from it and too costly to maintain.   And so in 1980-1 this new parish church was built in the centre of the town.


The plan of this brick built church is asymmetric.   At the northern elevation, the roofline slopes downwards from east to west.    A semi circular clock tower projects from the centre of this face, with a clock which was presented to the church in 1990. On the wall of the church to the east of the tower there is a large cross. To the west of the tower are the church notice board and a door which does not appear to be in use.

In front of the east wall is a single storey flat roofed corridor with porch area at the northern end. This has three full length windows at the southern end and two narrow horizontal windows close to the roofline in the centre. Behind the corridor the roofline of the main church building can be seen and this is divided into three sections; the central section is flat roofed and slightly set back, whilst the northern slopes gradually downwards to the west and the southernmost section slopes downwards to the south.

The south wall is single storey and has three full length narrow windows in the centre which are flanked by a square headed door on either side.

The western wall has five full length narrow windows. Extending outwards from the southern end of this face is a single storey corridor joining the church with the hall which is to the west. The southern end of the roofline of this elevation slopes downwards to the south.

A hipped roof hall is joined to the west of the church.

A war memorial stands on a paved area in front of the hall.

People / Organisations:

Church of ScotlandDenomination1981-NOW


  • Church: Build/construction (1980 to 1981)
  • Church: Addition (1989)
  • Hall: Build/construction (1989)

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