St Anne's Convent, Lawside Road, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 38730 31070, map


Lawside Rd
Inverary Terrace


St. Anne's is a complex of buildings and uses. The site is on the southern slope of the Law. A very high wall conceals all but the roofs of the buildings. The main gate is at the southwest of the site with a pedestrian entrance to the grounds on Lawside Rd. Heavier vehicular access is gained from the northwest entrance of Lawside Rd. The grounds are maintained in excellent condition with a grotto near the southern entrance. The west gable of the mansion house has an encased shrine of the Crucifixion. The church is attached at the northeast of the house with its entrance door at the north corner. K. Nichols


This sandstone building is tastefully designed where the finer details are not overly conspicious. However, its north facing elevation can not be fully appreciated due to the close proximity of the raised garden shrubbery. The interesting details include the eaves decoration and colour and texture of the coursed stonework. Unusually, the stone overlaps the window's vertical dressing thereby giving the impression of a lancet window. The aisle contains only three bays on the ground floor whereas the upper clerestory has six. The two levels are divided by a slated roof. An extension to the aisle has a simple but substantial stone cross atop a slated octagonal roof. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary on the eastern face. K. Nichols

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