Rattray Street Baptist Church, Dundee

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 39940 30420, map


12 Rattray Street


This elegant square church is located on a side street off Ward Road. Due to the surrounding office premises and tenements it is now enclosed in a courtyard with car parking around.

K. Nichols

Description (exterior)

Inscribed stones on the east wall give the name and street address of the church and tells us the church was built 1878.


The front elevation is built in ashlar sandstone, while the other walls have are constructed in lower quality coursed sandstone blocks.  It is orientated east-west and the entrance doorway faces onto tenements, hiding its proportions and finer details.


There are three different styles of windows on the east face; rectangular, arched and round. Above these windows are three sets of arched windows. The windows on the west wall are square and in pairs, while the north wall has rectangular windows at ground level but a strip of fifteen arched windows above.

K Nichols, J Dowling

Description (interior)

It has been internally altered into office premises and the ground floor of the north elevation is allocated to service utilities.

K Nichols, J Dowling


  • Church: Build/construction (1878)

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