Dudhope Street Church

National Grid Reference (NGR): NO 39113 30705, map


St. Mary's Place
Lochee Road


With an east-west orientation there are several components to this sandstone building, which lies between a main road and cul-de-sac. It is raised above street level and reached by a sloping entrance. The boundary is marked by a stone wall topped with metal railings and square gateposts. Car parking space is to the east of the site. Parts of the building are currently in use as an arts education centre. The east and north sections were redeveloped recently. K. Nichols


Made of sandstone and largely single-storied, the design of the church was originally symmetrical. Only the south facing gable has ostensibly ecclesiastical architecture (pointed windows) whereas the rest of the structure is domestic. However, the hall to the rear of the complex has an altered round-arched doorway, a slit window and finial. The east section of the church is in use by a local education facility who have placed external banners against the corner. In 2008 the complex was renovated internally and solar panels were installed. All the windows and doors at the west sections are boarded, as this part of the building are not currently in use. At the back of the halls in the northeast corner is a corrugated semi-circular storage building.

K. Nichols, J Dowling


  • Church: Alteration/conversion

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