St Stephen's Church Hall

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Also known as:

  • Auchtermuchty Parish Church Hall (1952)
  • Auchtermuchty St Stephen's (1929)
    After the union of the Free Church and Church of Scotland, the church was renamed St. Stephen's.
  • Auchtermuchty Martyrs United Free Church (1900)
    In 1900 the Free Church joined with the United Presbyterian Church and the United Free Church was formed.
  • Auchtermuchty Free Church (1843)
    Original Name.


This small Georgian building was built as a Free Church in 1843, alongside the town's parish church graveyard. It is built onto Croft Lane, a steep road that leads to Burnside, part of the old medieval core of Auchtermuchty. The former Baptist Church (see separate entry) is attached on the northern end of the hall and there are small garden grounds to the south.

The church became a United Free Church in 1900 when the Free Church and the United Presbyterian Church merged. In 1929 the United Free Church joined Church of Scotland and the church building was renamed St Stephen's. It was eventually converted into a hall for the Parish Church in 1952 and its manse was sold.

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Description (exterior)

St Stephen's is a simple rectangular building with a hipped, slate roof. It would appear the building was extended to the south at some point, and the walls here are harled rather than the whinstone and sandstone found in the remainder of the building.

The east elevation faces onto the rubble boundary wall of the parish churchyard. It is of bound rubble with sandstone window margins. There are three round-headed windows facing the churchyard. A square-headed door has been inserted under the most northerly window, which was formerly of a comparable length to the other two openings. All are glazed with clear glass. To the south the building is harled and extends out towards the wall under a catslide roof.

The north and south walls have been harled and are without features. The south wall faces uphill into a fenced garden and the north is joined to the former Baptist Church.

The extended southern end of the west elevation is harled and there is a recessed, square-headed doorway that provides entry to the building. The original elevation of the church is of squared whinstone. This is pierced by three round-headed windows of a similar style to those in the eastern face. There are dressed sandstone quoins on the northern and southern edges of the building. Towards the bottom of the northern edge is a small opening which has been blocked with bricks.

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Description (interior)

People / Organisations:

Church of ScotlandOwnerNOWThe building now serves as a hall for the parish church.


  • Church: Build/construction (1843)
  • Church: Union (1900)
    The Free Church joined with the United Presbyterian Church.
  • Church: Union (1923)
    A union was established with Auchtermuchty South United Free Church.
  • Church: Union (1929)
    The United Free Church joined with the Church of Scotland.
  • Church: Union (1952)
    The church united with Auchtermuchty Old and became a church hall soon afterwards.

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