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Donations are always welcome please get in contact to help. Donations are always welcome please get in contact to help.

Can You Help us Record Your Church?

Scottish Church Heritage Research (SCHR) is a small organisation with an interest in all buildings used for worship. We photograph and record the interior and exterior of each place of worship in Scotland, current and past, and have recently begun recording in Aberdeenshire. Completed data will be uploaded to our website, freely available to all. The Places of Worship in Scotland has been developed by Scottish Church Heritage Research to gather images and information for our website, with help of local volunteers and of members of congregations. The aim is to help a wide audience learn easily about places of worship where they live - or in another part of Scotland. 

We are turning to those who understand their building best, to ask for support.We are seeking members of congregations to help with photography, data typing and limited local research. We are looking for two or three members of each congregation to record their church as well as other nearby buildings that have ceased to be used as places of worship. When we have a group of volunteers, a visit will be arranged for a training session. 

Churches today have their own websites and we endeavour to link with these, to offer additional information to the public as well as to congregations and to develop an understanding of community heritage. We hope all places of worship will add our site to theirs, and we will reciprocate - as they complement one another. 

SCHR is a small organisation, run by volunteers, dependent on grant support and donations. To date we have recorded data for almost all places of worship in Fife, but much information awaits uploading. Angus and Aberdeenshire as far as Moray have been visited, recorded and uploaded, though there is more work to add in some cases. Aberdeen city has not yet been visited. A great deal of fieldwork and research has been completed in Ayr and in the Highlands, as well as in local areas like the Rhinns of Galloway, Bute and Mull and all this will be targeted soon for uploading. 

We have added this request for volunteers to the website,to emphasise the need for volunteers to help improve the numbers of sites recorded, but also to widen the numbers of groups and individuals who are or have been involved.   For now, we would be most grateful for anyone to contact us if they are willing to support the programme as a volunteer, so we can set up training sessions and add to our achievements.  Donations will be most welcome, since it is difficult to run training sessions without financial support. Donations can be sent most easily through PayPal, the Donate button or by sending a cheque to:- Places of Worship in Scotland, Volunteer House, 69 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5AS.  Tel: 01334 844822 or email:

Additional Ways You Can Help

Many individuals have shown a great deal of interest in SCHR and in the Places of Worship in Scotland Project and have offered to help. However, we had no easy way to use this help. Now we have set up a Membership organisation as a way to harness support and to keep those interested informed of our activities.

Membership costs £10 per year, to cover costs; anyone interested in the project or wishing to support us will be welcome - application form available at the end of this page or telephone 01334 844822 for a Membership Form. Post this form with your Cheque- and a donation, if you wish, to SCHR, Volunteer House,69 Crossgate, CUPAR,KY15 5AS.

As well as Training Days, we run Conferences and are exploring the interest in and suitability of study tours; these would be one day events , but could develop into weekend residential courses or other forms of involvement.We publish a Newsletter, normally two per year, though recently only one, because of printing costs. To compensate for the reduction, we have asked Members if they would like to receive an email 'News Update'. This will be shorter, but will include  recent news items. Contributions welcome. Send an email or write, using the subject 'News Update'. Please give your contact details and state that you are a member/wish join SCHR and would like to receive the 'News Update'.

SCHR is a Charity, registered for Gift Aid, so that donations and membership fees can be used to support applications to the Inland Revenue for Gift Aid each year. This gives SCHR at present 25p in the pound, per membership, a valuable addition to our funds, amounting to £2.50 annually. Members do not have to take any action about this, once they have signed the Gift Aid Form. The support comes from the taxes paid by each individual.

The AGM is held annually on the first Thursday in September and will be linked to an event, such as  visits to churches or other places of worship near the venue. The 2016 AGM has not been arranged yet.  Details will be posted as soon as available.